Celebrating together at “CANALETTO – Das Dresdner Stadtfest” from 19th to 21th August 2016

810 years and still strong! From 19th to 21st of August, Dresden celebrates its birthday with “CANALETTO – Das Dresdner Stadtfest”. True to this year’s marketing slogan “Celebrate together”, the capital city of Saxony presents its special party mood at the largest city festival in Germany.

Dresden and its guests can enjoy themselves an entire summer weekend in front of the unique scenery of Dresden. The CANALETTO program offers the right experience for everyone with a great mix of music, show, theatre, family activities, sports and catering in 15 locations and in front of 9 stages. Around 550.000 visitors are expected like last year.

And the best: also in 2016 the entire program is for free. We thank our partners and sponsors who make this big event possible: Radeberger Exportbierbrauerei, Freiberger Brauhaus, DREWAG, Stroer, Coca-Cola, Ostsaechsiche Sparkasse Dresden, Saechsiche Zeitung and Radio Dresden. Also Stadtreinigung Dresden as well as Dresden Marketing GmbH.

For all those who want to plan their CANALETTO – weekend in advance, the official program appears in June – online and as print version. That leaves only one thing to say: Let’s get the party started!